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The team at Kenyons is working with Mersey Ferries to delivery their River Explorer Cruise 2017/18 campaign. The campaign creative uses friendly, engaging illustrations to communicate the stand-out features of the River Explorer Cruise family ticket.

The campaign is aimed at families, with activity focused around school holidays – at these key times, the campaign uses insights from past campaigns and local data sources, to identify appropriate channels and mediums to use to deploy the marketing materials.

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The marketing collateral is optimised for each channel it sits on, and all communication is centred around the interests of the audience it is speaking to.  The more relevant an advert is to the person viewing it, the better it is engaged with.  A range of targeted digital advertising was delivered, including Google PPC, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and local media, using a range of static and animated content and, of course, a filter for Snapchat.

Outdoor advertising was in place at strategic locations around Liverpool City Region, and a selection of print advertising was also delivered.  Alongside this activity, social media influencers and bloggers were identified who shared reviews and features on the River Explorer Cruise – boosting the reach of the campaign and cutting through to key target demographics in a natural and relevant style.

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