Witch content lifted our spirits this month?



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


1. Back to The Future Day So, we had our very own McFly (Michael McDonnell) hopping out of the office on to his hover board; https://instagram.com/kenyon_fraser/ And, Nike announced that they have developed the world’s first self-lacing ‘sneakers’ in the Nike Air Mags – the first pair will be auctioned in 2016 with all proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson’s disease. Watch the video and read more here or, to read about the technology behind the fancy new shoes, click here.

2. We think that this stat – ‘100% of 15-34 year olds in the UK use YouTube every month’ from @Econsultancy, shows just how valuable video content is (even if we don’t quite believe it).

To read more about the value of video, click here.

3. Twitter announced that they are offering everyone the ability to poll their fellow Tweeters.

Read the BBC’s article here; is it just a gimmick that will ruin our newsfeeds or will it prove genuinely useful? Do we care? Perhaps a poll would be useful here… For now, only time will tell.

4. We really enjoyed this article from gransnet – read here – it lays out exactly what is wrong with so many advertising techniques aimed at the ‘older’ generation.

It covers why so much of the standard advertising techniques are outdated and gives a little ‘heads up’ to any marketing and advertising professionals who may see the older generation as a completely inactive, out of touch, dull sector of the market. It isn’t. And so we should all start to cater our content more appropriately.

5. This month, it was reported that mobile ad spend has topped £1bn for the first time.

With smartphone usage showing no sign of decline, marketers are increasingly catching on to the need to match their marketing and advertising techniques to suit the consumer behavior of their target audience. This article from the Telegraph also shows which are the preferred social media platforms to access on mobile devices, and notes the increase in video advertising; more here.

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