Vertical Limits



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


People are getting their internet needs primarily via their mobile phones - mobile consumers everywhere.

This influences the way media makers adapt their content – should the videos they make be vertical or horizontal (portrait or landscape)? If you’re going to be viewing it on a big screen then you probably don’t want the vertical, slim-line version but with the report this year from ComScore showing that we are past the mobile ‘tipping point’, mobile marketing is something we can not ignore. Yet as a marketing, media-producing community, the UK is still behind in mobile ad spends – in 2014 these spends amounted to 39% of total UK ad spends (source:Mobile Marketing).

Catering for the vertical viewers is something we have to do before the “NO, I will not turn my phone around to watch another video” sets in and we lose the interested viewers.

Big brands are quickly realising the opportunities are out there – more and more brands are producing vertical videos to watch on many a social platform. This is key, this is where the opportunity is – this is how a growing number of people like to get their daily content intake. Social platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat (both live video streaming platforms) and Snapchat (instant photo and video sharing platform with one chance to see the incoming fun captured) are having a big influence on this – live streaming and sponsored Snapchat features are being tapped in to.

The haters are out there but it’s happening. If we’re all viewing videos on our mobiles and sharing our moments vertically then it makes sense that brands communicate with us in the way that we find the most expedient.

Knowing what the customer wants will always determine marketing tactics and for now, it looks like we need to think about those horizontally bewildered mobile eaters.

Vertical media should be factored into the thinking of your next digital marketing strategy – analyse the needs of the campaign, the behaviour of the target audience and if you think it fits with how the audience will prefer to view their content, then off it flies.

P.S. Not that we don’t love horizontal’s making TV vertical anytime soon.

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