We do Websites.

Much more than just a great-looking site.

We create websites and web applications that stand out from the crowd. And when ‘the crowd’ is millions strong, that means more than just pretty pictures.

It means understanding your aims, getting to know the client, planning meticulously and executing expertly. All to produce a well-designed and thought-out website which means visitors and users get a lasting (and correct) impression of your brand.

Simply put, we deliver high ROI, high performance, websites for organisations that want to make the most of their digital presence. Guided and managed by our project managers, our team scopes out and delivers website projects to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

In today's digital landscape, where security is a primary concern, mobile friendliness is essential, and Google is focusing on technical excellence, there’s never been a better time to invest in making your website the best it can be.

We have an array of web services that can help elevate and empower your organisation. Some of the services we offer are:


User Experience serves to define points of interface and interaction, and produce blueprints for a meaningful user journey. We combine user research, content strategy, design principles, and technical considerations to create a foundation for the overall website or application.

UI design is the visual representation of your website or application. Using content strategy, UX blueprints, and brand guidelines, we will create a visual style for the site, and work alongside our other teams to produce all required assets.

One of the biggest challenges when building a website is translating the interface design across various devices - our front-end development team will make this happen.

Responsive Web Design

With so many different screen shapes and sizes available - and more always coming to the marketplace - it is no longer possible to take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to website design. A responsive design is a must.

Responsive web design is the practice of designing and coding websites to ensure that they look great, function correctly and provide a consistent experience across all devices.

Designing and building websites in this way is now commonplace and at Kenyons, all of our websites are built in a responsive framework as we recognise the importance of cross-platform functionality.

WordPress Development

The majority of websites today are dynamic and the content changes regularly. For content on your website to be updated, someone needs to have the access and capabilities to do so. We build sites on the most accessible and friendly content management system (CMS) on the market – WordPress. Content will not just be easy to manage, but a pleasure – really!.

Our skills in WordPress development mean we integrate and build additional components more efficiently than our competitors (meaning that your investment will go much further…).

Support and Maintenance

A website is never finished - it is a living, breathing product. Whether it is performance and up-time monitoring, enhancing the user experience, or simply making changes to your site to reflect changes to your business after going live, websites need attention following an initial launch. The best way to make sure this need is met is to have a partner like Kenyons who can respond quickly when the need arises.

Our Support and Maintenance packages are a great way to ensure the freshness and long life of your website investment.


Whether you’re in the growth stage of your online shop or looking to make more out of an already successful eCommerce store, exceptional website design and user experience is essential to deliver better ROI and visitor engagement.

We understand that a successful e-commerce site is about people first and technology second. Our primary goal is to use insight, design and technology to simplify, enhance and enrich the shopping process. Improving product desire and creating up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Users have to feel secure and they have to find the process easy and frustration free therefore we build shopping experiences which are enjoyable, interactive, exciting and engaging and above all else convert visitors into buyers.

Brochure Websites & Interactive Tools

Does your business rely on a website to generate new leads and enquiries? If it does, then you will know the importance of a website that looks great and which represents your brand and services well.

These sites and tools are much more than a simple shop window. They have to get across the value of a product or service that can’t be purchased online and returned if it’s not right - for example big ticket items and services.

We have a wealth of experience creating engaging, interactive and visually stunning creative solutions that provide excellent user uptake and engagement. Have a look at our case studies…


Monitoring user behaviour is essential to grow your websites user base and increase conversions. We are experts in using analytics data as a key input to drive decision-making and design effective brand experiences. We use a combination of Google Analytics, heat mapping and screen recording to understand the who, what, why and when of user interactions and engagement.

Data-driven design utilises cycles of testing and optimisation, drives superior brand experiences, and maximises business performance. A business’s data is a real asset, a key input into creating experiences that are highly personalised, continuously evolving and automated.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO means using organic tactics and producing content that is useful, informative and engaging. Traditionally, SEO was delivered through mass, sometimes ‘spammy’, link building. Link building in this form, and other ‘old fashioned’ strategies, don’t deliver true value to the web user. Google penalises this sort of activity, and effective SEO strategies don’t work that way nowadays.

Our content and web team work together to deliver a robust SEO strategy that fits with your business objectives. There is a wealth of experience in creating such strategies and we have a host of case studies so you can find out more.


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