We do Marketing.

Marketing wisely means implementing a strategy which delivers on the bottom line.

And for us, the bottom line is…we turn business thinking and objectives into effective, profitable reality, using our marketing knowledge and experience.

Often, marketing strategies and plans are developed in isolation regardless of the ‘end product’, doing things ‘because we’ve always done them that way’, rather than setting objectives and practical ways of achieving them.

We ask questions that go beyond ‘where do we think we want to get to/which audiences do we think we should be addressing/what have we always done/which channels are we comfortable with?’, and focus on core business objectives, analysing how best to realise them using all the tools available.

We work with our clients from both private and public sector organisations to fully understand the key commercials, challenges and business drivers. This results in marketing strategies and plans that identify opportunities, enhance business performance and increase ROI. Informed and insight-led media planning and buying ensures we obtain the widest reach for our clients, delivering maximum impact and value, whatever the channel.

We build campaigns which use all the appropriate media, and all the new channels in advertising, social media, content production across the board, video and animation, digital content, direct engagement, events and promotions. If the best way to reach an audience is through 48 sheets, we’ll use them. If the best way is to create a clever animation and set it free on YouTube, we’ll do that. If you want us to create a breathtaking stand for an exhibition in Dubai, we’ll do that…as long as it fits the strategy.

With clever young people who grew up in the new landscape, and highly experienced CIM marketers to call on, the bottom line is a marketing approach which will do what it promises.

Have a look at some of our case studies to see the results…




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