We do Design.

Graphic design in particular – the execution of ideas in a graphic form, to convey a message, create a ‘feel’ for a brand, enhance communication, please the eye, stimulate interest. All with an identified aim in mind.

In the marketing world, there are other ‘designs’ sparked by the digital revolution (user interface design (UI), user experience design (UX), customer experience design (CXD), service design, for example), and we embrace them all. But graphic design is why most people have traditionally come to our studio full of talented designers, and it’s what we have used to help all kinds of brands tell their story in the best possible way.

The design landscape is always evolving, and we’re working in media and to specifications that didn’t exist a few years ago, but the foundations remain the same: understand the client; understand the brief; understand the aim; execute well…

The channels we use, and the techniques, vary of course. From designing for 'traditional' print - newsletters, annual reports, sales brochures, flyers - to producing high-quality illustrations for explainer videos, we use all the tools in the design box.

So, whether it's creating marketing collateral for a new product launch, or creating a technology-heavy exhibition stand which will stop people in their tracks, we always aim to find the handiest tools and the best execution...




Oldham College