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Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


I recently attended a CIM graduation ceremony which was deeply impressive. Particularly impressive for me was that, with around 26 years of experience in the marketing world, Mrs Kenyon took it upon herself to get a professional diploma to crack down on everything she has been learning.

There is a lot to be learnt in the world of marketing. The fundamental pillars of marketing are not to be ignored and then there’s digital – that world that most of us really do live in that tends to constantly change our audience’s behaviour, in some way or another – whether it’s buying something or buying into something. Are they in a shop Googling a dress they have just seen to see if they can find it anywhere for cheaper? Are they sharing a moving video they have just seen? There are key things that shape a successful strategy…

There is the need for understanding big marketing fundamentals, ones that will never go out of date. Things like push/pull strategy. Push = taking the product to the customer whilst pull = getting the customer to come to you.

Then perhaps let’s think about the funnel. Pretty gosh darn relevant to most business, and also rather gosh darn old. Here’s a nice little funnel, if you’re missing funnel fun:

Stakeholder mapping – now there’s a good’un. Another golden oldie which is a way of deciding what resources you use, according to where audiences fit in a matrix of their power and influence in the success of your business; against the size of their stake – or interest – in your success.

Measurement. A practice that has always been key in improving the work you do and showing its impact. Also one that is ever more important when we bring in the digital stuff – perhaps if trying to justify it to someone who may not see it as being as important as you would like them to.

And then there’s the whole world of digital and the place marketing has in it. The thing that we can learn about continuously, to our heart’s content. We don’t need to separate digital marketing. There aren’t any (that I know of) billboard marketers or print marketers. It’s the integration of our digital knowledge into existing marketing knowledge that brings the success. Successfully implementing digital tactics where relevant to the ultimate goal and overall strategy. We wouldn’t tell someone they would benefit from radio advertising without having reached this conclusion through strategic planning, just like we wouldn’t tell someone they need a YouTube advertising campaign without strategically reaching this conclusion. There is a need to properly understand the potential out there, as well as the limitations. And so those fundamentals of marketing come back into play – the fundamentals which are very effectively conveyed by the CIM.

Having the sound strategy in place means that we have identified our target audience and our goals, and we know how we want to achieve them. If we’ve identified using digital tactics as one of the best options, then we need to implement these tactics. And then, importantly, learn from these.

If you ever fancy popping in for a chat – about marketing or anything else we do – and a coffee, I make good coffee, we’re the blue door on Rodney Street. But so much more than a door…

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