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Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


How exactly did you come to produce such beautiful work? It is beautiful of course - but where did it come from and why are we using it… Web design trends can change faster than you can scroll through this page. Maybe. A predominant web design feature right now comes from the need to ensure a website works effectively when accessed via mobile and other technologies.

Longer scrolling sites

These are increasingly common, helping to ensure the user’s experience flows well whatever device they are using. What works on mobile devices is now being incorporated into the infrastructure of the site as a whole. And aesthetics aside, the semi-recent change in Google’s search ranking algorithm means having a mobile-friendly site is very important.

Responsive design

Where the user interface (UI) changes and adapts to different screen sizes, is a challenge in modern day web design but very impressive (not just to design and digital fans?) when pulled off effectively. The problem lies in the need for sites to perform faster, with no lag time, whilst staying completely responsive.

Being fully responsive can mean larger file sizes are needed which can cause users to experience longer loading times. The design and digital wizards then put their hats together to come up with an attractive yet fully functioning and responsive website.
Sometimes the design which is the flavour of the day may not be to everyone’s taste but ultimately it’s down to what the client wants and what will be most effective in supplying their needs.

“As a designer, sometimes there may be a big influence going on: you need to be aware of that and incorporate it when appropriate – but also apply well thought-out strategic principles,” said Aaron, one of our design wizards.

Influential sources

These influences that are felt in the world of digital and design are often down to Apple and Google and a lot of what we are seeing nowadays is more simplified design frameworks. For example, flatter design seen in the work for inmotion (@Inmotion) and the mind the bump (@_mindthebump) campaign. Notably, flat, bright graphics are on trend. UI design in the form of material design is on trend. Saying on trend = probably not on trend…
Increasingly popular features of modern day, slick websites…

In these simple (yet deeply creative and complex) times, we can often find an absence of large header backgrounds and less frequent use of average photos – a focus on the use of professional photography. We also think about smaller or better hidden main menus and take a look at the importance of typography.

For brands to stay up to date, relevant and eye-catching…

It is important to be frequently refreshing and updating artwork and the design infrastructure. Social media is another world in which designers are now creating artwork for clients; this helps to communicate messages to a wider audience, through creative means.
Moving to movement

We are seeing a lot of movement being brought into design, this can be seen in the growing use of parallax effects. Plus, videos themselves are increasingly popular, for good reason and come in a range of forms – playing to the needs of the company and the target audience. For an example or two, pop along to KFTV, here.

In the world of creative and design, we may see something cool and want to give it a go ourselves – subliminally or not. Wherever we get inspiration – from the things we take in on our walk home to actively searching for new ideas or strolling through an art gallery – as long as we produce something functional, clever, attractive and in line with what the client wants and needs, then it is a job well done. We love our job so hopefully it’s a job well done every time.

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