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Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


We like coffee and we like exploring the world of social media. We combined these and made a quick little guide to clear up any confusion; it can seem like a big and daunting world from the outside.

As the picture shows, the different platforms provide different purposes. If using social media for business purposes, some platforms will be more appropriate to the particular needs of that business than others. Just because LinkedIn is a largely corporate land, does not mean that it is necessarily the right choice for your business. It is good for sharing any articles or blog posts that are of interest to others in your industry. It demonstrates skills and awareness whilst further developing the usefulness of the platform in allowing people to learn from each other

If you are deciding to use social media for the first time, it is best to evaluate what it is you intend to achieve. If you want to show a portfolio of your work such as creative work or blogs, Pinterest may be a good choice. It allows people to easily access your work and if they like it, they can ‘pin’ it to their board and this helps to spread your good work and develop your company profile and interest.

The world of video blogging is still ever expanding and Youtube is the go-to platform on which to place these videos. If there are any video-blog style ideas you have, get cracking with them and get them on Youtube, making sure you link any videos to your website/other social media profiles. Snappy, quirky videos are also a great tool to take in to your social media land. In this world of quickly reached boredom levels, videos help keep people engaged. Upload a video to Youtube of anything that may be of interest to your peers and share it via another social media platform (such as twitter or facebook). People are much more likely to watch a video than read a long article…like this one. Darn.

Twitter is great for seeing what other people are up to, staying in touch with global trends and getting involved with the mayhem. The shorter and snappier your tweet can be, the better. Add a photo or video to your tweet and it is 55%* more likely to receive a click from an interested party.

Instagram is mainly for ‘that’s pretty/interesting/unique, here’s a photo of it’ but some companies can effectively add it to their social media gang to bolster their all-round profile.

Finally, we have Facebook. This can be a very useful tool for start-up businesses that are yet to invest in a website. Pages on facebook are easy (and free) to create. Keep the page updated, interesting and engage with followers and no-one will really need to see a website. As with twitter, using photos and videos to get your message across or to show your quirky side is an important tool for retaining the attention of your audience.

When using more than one social media platform, it is always best to link these platforms as much as possible to keep up interest and allow easy flow of traffic from one land to another.

It is always best (especially if still unsure) to start by taking a tentative step into this world by trying it out for yourself, see what other people are doing and learn by doing. It is more than likely that you will get lost a few times but learn a lot and hopefully, rather like it.

* As found in research performed by Hubspot.

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