How the matrix can help you to focus



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


The content marketing matrix below, courtesy of @smartinsights, shows the different ways we can define the purpose of the content we are producing.

If we know what the purpose of our content is going to be, we can take a look at the matrix and see the range of content forms we can use – this can give us some fresh ideas.

The matrix also helps to reign us back in and guide us through the content marketing process – we may get swept along writing product features when we could attract some fresh attention and creativity by setting up a series of webinars. This will provide new forms of engagement with the end user and then presents an opportunity to evaluate how this method has gone down with the target audience which can be compared against others.

Finding the best route to the ever-valued engagement with the user keeps a brand connected with its audience and allows it to advance in full knowledge of the needs of its consumers.

Taking time to analyse performance, as we perform, is very helpful indeed!

This month, Hootsuite announced it is integrating Instagram into its offering and KF has already dived in to Instagram (

Whichever social platform we utilise, we need to look ahead and think about why we are using it, how we are going to do it and how to make the most of it.

Helpful tools to give us top marks in social science:

Fluid Review (paid for) – We like this one since it provides all the tools to set up a contest on social media in one place – create your contest, manage it and track its performance. Social contests can be valuable tools to create a buzz around a product or offering and raise awareness of your organisation.

Tweet Reports Twitter Chat schedule – Find conversations that are happening on Twitter and use it to get involved in industry relevant conversations – good for showing your interest and knowledge in the area.

Klout – Generates a number between 1 and 100 to indicate the user’s rank in social influence, the average is 50. Anything above this is good, anything below can be improved! We like to use it as an additional indicator to see how our content is doing at improving social standing.

Buzzsumo – A very useful platform to find the most shared content and key influencers. It is also useful to identify which type of content works best on different social platforms. – Find trending hashtags and top influencers per relevant search term. Simple to use; enter the area you are interested in accessing socially and it will generate a series of hashtags that are actively used and can be applied to your posts.

Hootsuite – Integrate different social platforms and schedule posts. Very useful if planning a series of social posts and/or will be out of the office or unable to post live. When handling more than one account, it can prove very handy in keeping on top of social activity. Just be sure to always check that you are posting from the social account that you intend to post from!

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