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Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


Digital marketing is probably right for your business because it’s:

– Measurable

– Adaptable

– Strategic

– Creative

– Efficient

– Effective

You want to sell a pair of shoes?

You want to create adverts to target specific audiences at specific stages of the buying journey. With people clicking on or observing these adverts and eventually going to your site and buying those shoes.

There are of course many things that can be done for your business, under the huge umbrella of ‘digital’. You can:

increase your product awareness,

decrease the number of items being left in shoppers’ baskets,

get people excited for an event,

improve customer satisfaction and much more.

I’ve broken down digital advertising specifically here, in case you’re thinking that it might be for you.


Firstly, let’s look at the buying journey;

(source: Google Analytics)

Understanding the different stages the audience groups may be at, helps to map out our advertising strategy.

We also want to map out the target audience(s), in as much detail as possible.

Get this worked out properly and things are looking promising.

There are many routes to advertise your offerings –

– social media advertising, platforms under this umbrella include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

– Google advertising (the adverts you see in a few different forms, when you search for things on this search engine)

– Youtube campaigns; create a video to communicate your message and get it out across the second biggest search engine (planned out under the Google AdWords toolbox)

– Email marketing; build up a database of customers/clients and you can segment them and send emails with specific messaging and promotions to various groups,

– Traditional methods; radio, TV, print media, billboard ads…

Traditional advertising is not dead, by any means. Of course we specialise in integrated campaigns so of course I’m saying that but, take car advertising for example – often very effective using TV ads. For now, let me return to digital advertising…


You choose your platforms (whether that is Google ads and Instagram ads or a Youtube only campaign), according to thorough research and experience, and you set out your budget. I have said that quite quickly when in reality, this is one of the stages that requires a good deal of thinking – get this right and it’s like getting a 5 second head start on a 100m sprint.


The adverts then have to be designed. You know your platform and audience, you know, or are learning, which ad types work best according to the route you envisage your customer taking. The creativity comes into play – clever copy fitting whatever character limits there may be (different advert types have different character limitations), using clear calls to action, and visually compelling graphics designed to suit your audience.


You know all the important bits – you can break down your ad campaign and tailor individual adverts to specific groups and effectively plan your ad campaign so that these ads are reaching the right eyes at the right time; if it’s relevant to someone then they will see it, if not, they won’t. You can design as many ads as you like to cover whichever bases you have marked down, provided that suits your budget.

Adaptable and Measurable

The good thing about digital advertising on Youtube, Google AdWords and social media platforms, is that it is not left to perish if it is not quite right first time. Once the ads are live, the advertising manager can keep a watchful eye over proceedings and check what is working, what is not working, what people are clicking on, whether they are proceeding to complete a ‘goal’ (pre-determined end-point such as filling out a contact form or completing a purchase) or if they are leaving things in their basket.

With such great insights, ad campaigns can be adjusted throughout the duration of the campaign.

“You can go to what people are seeing and make it better, in real-time”

While traditional methods definitely have their place in many advertising campaigns, you can’t go into people’s magazines and scribble over the call to action and change it to some words you think might work better. You can in the digital world – you can go to what people are seeing and make it better, in real-time.

In digital advertising, you also have to make sure the web pages you are (probably) directing them to are effective – you don’t want to put a whole lot of time and effort into crafting a top notch campaign for someone to get to your site and wonder what the heck they are looking at. So, this has to be on the mark too. There are lots of ways to clean up a website and/or buying journey, to improve the success rate.

Everything is possible. When I say everything is possible, I mean, we have a team for every different need you may have. Just sayin’….

Whilst I have tried to stick to the point, I may still have gone on a bit and lost some of you along the way. However, if you want to know more, clear anything up or talk about all things interesting, feel free to email me on or tweet me at @rosiedmkenyon.

We believe in many forms of marketing and advertising – as long as they are based on the right reasons and targets. If you’re thinking about trying out something new for your business and want to hear a bit about what we can do, get in touch with James Dunningham on

Bye for now!

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