Content: I can feel it coming in the air tonight



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


“Content is going beyond the screen to the air we breathe”

Technically content has always (dinosaur times not included?) been all around us, arguably… Billboards, bus stop ads, newspapers, TV, radio… But now it’s getting super smart; get some milk out of the fridge and watch Beyoncé sing about a refreshing beverage, what more do you need. Plus, it gives marketers endless opportunities.

It needs to be embraced correctly and effectively; making use of the best data possible, to get smart *just* like the tech. DATA. I’ve spent the past few days analysing a fair bit of it, I like the feeling of, “I so know number stuff”. Alas I do not, numbers are not my game, Excel acts as a temporary extension of mathematical brain, and I thank it.

Gathering data and applying it to personalise the content we are producing, to effectively pinpoint and target our desired audience – that’s what smartens up our human game. This must work alongside the shiny stuff that attracts and engages people (thank you creative teams), be it VR (virtual reality) or a newspaper article.

Knowing the audience and understanding how we are going to get through to them, is what gives the campaign purpose and allows it to fulfil that purpose.

However, when I saw this quote emerge from the recent content marketing summit from Contently; “Content is going beyond the screen to the air we breathe”, from Rebecca Lieb’s talk (on wearables and the IoT and the challenges and opportunities presented), I found it a pretty attractive thing to read. It’s a snazzy statement, though content has always been much more than the screen. For example, we could argue that word-of-mouth marketing is in the air we breathe and is still one of the most effective types of marketing, the appliances people are using to tell their friend about their fave new thing, are just evolving all the time.

So we, as marketers/advertisers/designers/videographers/developers must too. And we, at Kenyons, are doing our darndest.

For a nice little explanation of the IoT (Internet of Things), click on this one –

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Now, here’s Phil Collins singing ‘In The Air Tonight’. Because.

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