Are insights in or out?



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


In any channel, communications based on insight win hands down for many reasons:

The audiences feels that their needs are recognised and met closely.
•This can provide a greater return on investment with enhanced response levels.
•The brand or organisation builds trust and credibility because it is perceived to be in tune.
•Loyalty follows as people feel this brand or company is their kind of brand.

So why don’t more people use insight-led communications?..

Because they don’t recognise or value insights or because they don’t know how to leverage insights effectively.

How many times have we seen comms which just blurt out the strategy without finesse?

Effective comms capture the insight in compelling and motivating ways.

And it can take steel not to say what you want the audience to take out, but to think and use the triggers that will create the desired response.

Comedians don’t tell you to laugh – they tell you a joke and you laugh.

Insight-led communication needs similar skill and expertise.

What do you think?

Davide De Maestri, Brand and Strategy Director

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