6 Things for Content Marketers to take from the 2016 Internet Trends Report



Rosie Kenyon | Managing Director


The 2016 Internet Trends Report from Mary Meeker is interesting but it’s also pretty long. 213 slides of well-researched goodness. Here are the bits most relevant to those under the broad (and brilliant) umbrella of content marketing.

Avoid being a video irritant

So, video advertising is often viewed as an irritant when it is forced upon you when you’re waiting for what you really want to watch. No kidding…

Action: Keep your video content relevant and well-targeted, with thorough research of the target audience. And, as noted in the report, consider using video content that can make an impact without audio.
Snap up Snapchat

Snapchat campaigns from Spotify and for the Furious 7 film received significant results after the teams behind them made effective use of the platform.

Action: Use it! If appropriate…

Looking to tell a story to the Millennial or Generation Z demographics in particular? If it can be done through engaging video content, Snapchat may just be the channel of choice.

Suped-up advertising

Personalisation and hyper-targeting of adverts – now available to many a social media platform – has big potential to increase effectiveness. As shown below, Combatant Gentlemen made $1000 in sales for every $100 spent during a given Facebook campaign.

Action: Invest some time and effort into researching the audience, segregating them, selecting your platform(s) and driving pinpointed, personalised adverts their way wherever possible.
Filter down to the creative, effective methods

Geofilters put into action by KFC and by charity, RED, showed how a simple and creative twist can really help to raise awareness and directly help a campaign to achieve its aims.

Action: Consider designing and registering a Geofilter on Snapchat.
Sometimes there isn’t much more than meets the eye

Expressive, visual communication is on the rise. The number of photos shared on a daily basis, is increasing markedly year on year.

Gifs, emojis, lenses, oh my…

Action: Get visual with your social posts and messages.

Note: try not to become lost in dancing squirrel gifs.
On-brand with brand messaging

With a significant uptake in use of various messaging apps across the globe, (and availability of visuals on messaging platforms) brands are getting in on the act. Platforms such as Facebook messenger are being employed by brands in order to keep in contact with their customers. Customer satisfaction is seen to improve when brands, such as those shown below, have stepped into the world that their customers are already active in.

Action: If it is convenient for your customer to get in touch with you via a specific messaging app, use it. Be sure to have an active team manning it though – therefore, hopefully a good response rate and improvement in customer satisfaction.

There are plenty of interesting points made in the report, if you want to dig into the whole thing, click here ->http://bit.ly/1TXJz2P

If you want to read a bit more about the perks of video use, click here;http://bit.ly/24xvXzX

Alternatively, you may want to watch a squirrel appearing to shake its tailfeather…


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