SYPTE wanted to develop a series of videos targeting businesses and employees to support transport behavioural change projects across the region for the Local Sustainable Transport Partnership for South Yorkshire.

Time-poor business people needed to be engaged with simple, benefit-led messaging in a charming and supportive manner, avoiding 'Preaching-at Syndrome'.

Our solution was to create an intriguing animated world of characters to tell the story of each of the important Inmotion! schemes, and to bring to life their benefits.

The result was high reach and engagement in our target audiences. 


The videos were advertised with effectiveness across platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, to provide the best ROI


Implementing the beautiful designs created in the studio, the video team brought this project to life


Each stage of the design process took place in our studio, with input from many of our experienced designers, working with the feedback of SYPTE


Our digital team ensured the videos were delivered smoothly as well as working with the marketing and advertising teams to strategise the next steps in getting the videos to the target audience


The marketing team crafted a plan to make sure the videos were seen by the right eyes at the right time to achieve maximum results for SYPTE

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