Southport Flower Show

Southport Flower Show wanted to increase its appeal, profitability and number of visitors year on year.

A multi-channel promotional and ticketing strategy was put in place that covered advertising (TV, press, outdoor, radio), consumer and trade PR and digital (website, e ticketing solution, SEO, PPC, Facebook advertising, social media, YouTube) to drive performance of the four day show.

Increases in show attendance and ticket revenues, and reductions in ticketing costsfor this ‘great day out’.


Targeted advertising encompassing TV, online, outdoor and radio, leading up to and during the Show

Brand & Insight

The campaign developed with experience-based insights and target audience research

Events & Engagement

Full support across the annual event

Content & PR

Coverage in consumer and trade press, as well as various promotional materials and website content


Website, e-ticketing solution, SEO, PPC


A full multi-platform strategy was put into action


A range of videos to promote the Show, hitting the target audience primarily via YouTube advertising

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