Rhino Doors: Corporate Video

Rhino Doors corporate video

Rhino Systems is on a journey.

Rhino is established as a premium supplier of bespoke security door solutions that are compliant with the UK Government Home Office CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) standard for security related products.

Rhino needs to expand its portfolio of products to achieve further growth and specifically to tap into new markets.

The world sadly has become a more dangerous place with ever frequently reported terrorist attacks, typically at venues where large numbers of people tend to congregate. This means that developers of large infrastructure projects of this type are increasingly specifying enhanced security features for their projects.

This includes high performance door sets that not only meet stringent security performance criteria such as attack delay, ballistic and blast protection but must also meet other performance criteria such as fire protection, flood performance, acoustic attenuation etc.

To this developing market, Rhino has embarked on a development programme to create a range of multifunction doors capable of protecting people and assets from a range of threats that are both malicious and environmental in nature.

Whilst there remains a large number of major infrastructure projects of this type in the UK (CrossRail, HS2, Nuclear New Build etc.) the majority of future opportunities are located overseas and therefore represent a major export opportunity.

To focus attention on their development programme, Rhino Doors commissioned Kenyons to create a corporate video, promoting the new factory and the extended product range for existing and new markets.

Kenyons approached this exciting project by creating a script, storyboard and worked with the client to set up a shoot at the new Port Talbot factory.

Key staff were interviewed on location describing the positive transformation and the new, enhanced offering from Rhino Doors.

The output was a high quality, professional video to use on the website and at key events abroad.


A high quality corporate video was produced to convey the high quality of the products, for use on their website and at key events.

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