Champs - How Much Does Cheap Alcohol Really Cost You - Engaging the middle class to support minimum unity pricing for alcohol

Alcohol minimum unit pricing is a hot topic of debate, with evidence suggesting that the general response is unfavourable, particularly amongst the middle class. In order to succeed in achieving policy change in alcohol unit pricing, changing views on this matter was key.

We developed a campaign that engaged the target audience to reflect on the positive impact that minimum unit pricing would have on their lives.

The main focuses for this campaign included: less draw on police time spent dealing with anti social behavior, resulting in more resources available for property crime; less draw on A&E staff time spent dealing with alcohol related injuries, resulting in sick children being seen quicker in hospital.

We combined experiential arts based techniques combined with illustrated campaign materials and PR to create buzz around the campaign.

As a result of this campaign, extensive media coverage and hundreds of the target audience positively engaged. A successful campaign!

Content & PR

A full PR strategy was put into place, ramping up momentum for the campaign.


Compelling designs created for all campaign materials

Events & Engagement

To further engage with the audience, experiential activities were designed to connect the public with the core message.


The marketing team implemented a thorough marketing strategy, drawing on insights and ensuring these key messages were communicated effectively, to achieve the overall outcomes.

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