We do Branding.

What is the value of a brand?

What is the value of a brand? In monetary terms, a brand can be quantified and be said to be worth hundreds of millions, but in most cases the brand is simply the ‘personality’ of the organisation.

It’s one major reason why people remember you, why people respect you, why staff enjoy being identified with you, and why customers and partners come to you. Get the brand right, and it creates real value – even if that value isn’t quite in the Apple league…

To create strong brands for our clients, we have a skilled and experienced team who are focused on creating brands from the floor up, or evolving them to the next stage in their journey, to maintain relevance and drive growth.

It is much more than just a visual identity, although that is important – it has to bring to life vision, values and personality. Understanding who it has to look and feel right for - and what the desired outcome is for the organisation behind the brand - is the ‘insight’, the starting point. We put the detailed insight work in place; then the creative magic takes over.

Branding needs a mix of insight, strategy, process and creativity. Whether it is purely a new product name, a company logo or full corporate branding, we will define your purpose, map your positioning, communicate your promise and add personality. All of which will help increase the value and profile of your organisation,
give staff direction and motivation, and bring new relationships your way.

Branding design is more than just the graphics. The name, the identity, the fonts and colours used and the tone of voice all form part of brand identity development. How a brand operates, and its ‘story’, are assets with real value, and we will help realise and develop that value – as we have for many organisations from both the public and private sectors...


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