We do Advertising.

Channel and industry neutral

We’re ‘channel and industry neutral’, to use the current ad world jargon. Which simply means we – as an integrated agency – look for the best channel for our clients’ campaigns.

We won’t push one type of promotion because ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’, or try the latest online channel because ‘it’s the next big thing’. What we will do is look for the best possible way to put our campaign in front of the audiences we want to reach.

We’ll use our experience (developed over years of agency work for some big brands) and current research insights to establish which direction we should go. We shape the creative to suit the brief. And then we put the work in front of the people, through everything from TV and radio, press and outdoor to social campaigns and content marketing, as well as websites which work (and are SEO-friendly).

It helps that it’s becoming easier to assess how well things are working: the famous old saying ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half’ just isn’t relevant now. Today’s marketing enables us to identify what is working and who we are reaching. We can customise our advertising and messaging right down to the individual level.

But – no matter how clever the analysis and digital tools might be - the key to advertising success is what it always has been. Understanding the client and the campaign, setting objectives, designing strategies and implementing scientific, measurable plans that build goodwill, sales, revenue and profitability.

We have some interesting work which has achieved those aims for a variety of clients. Please take a look and see how ‘channel neutral’ advertising works in an integrated agency…


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