High Speed Rail - Linking Liverpool

Merseytravel commissioned us to develop a campaign to win support for a proposal to bring High Speed Rail - HS2 and HS3 - to Liverpool.

We developed the High Speed Rail ‘Linking Liverpool’ campaign, which included a PR and engagement strategy, website and events. Originally focused on ‘HS2’ North-South rail connectivity, the campaign evolved to support a focus on wider strategic transport ‘connectivity for growth’.

As a result of this campaign, more than 1,000 businesses and 100,000-plus members of the public have pledged support.

Brand & Insight

Created the Linking Liverpool brand


Provided a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan

Content & PR

Provided written and film content for web and print


Created a website to promote understanding and engagement

Social Media

Proactively used social media for insight and communication

Events & Engagement

Staged events for key audiences

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