Kenyons is a family of specialist strategic and creative divisions that work independently or together to deliver commercial goals, behaviour changes or call to action responses.

Precious insights into audiences - motivations, lifestyle, media use, perceptions and behaviours – are mined to unearth those golden nuggets to move people. Our business, consumer, social and digital marketing and social media strategies are cutting edge, powered by the art of the possible – and that means our clients’ creative solutions are too - content, advertising, design, print, PR, media planning, research and insight. And, thanks to clever thinking, our traditional social and digital marketing, and social media content delivers powerful results. We work alongside companies’ boards and public sector leaders providing strategic consultancy and in partnership with marketing and communications managers on tactical delivery.

Web Developer Wanted! - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP


We're looking for a new front-end designer/developer!


Passionate about marketing and communications? We're looking for a new Account Executive!




Phil Cliffe


Antonino Dado

Junior Designer

Richard Davison-White

Head of Creative

Davide De Maestri

Head of Marketing, Brand and Insight

James Dunningham


John Durband

Graphic Designer

Rob Hughes

Digital Designer

Paul Jones

Head of Finance

Roger Kenyon


Rosie Kenyon

Senior Account Manager

Aaron McDonald

Head Of Creative Content

Daniel Orr

Video Services Account Executive

Helen Parker

Operations Manager

Luke Randall

Account Executive

Derek Tyrer

Account Director

Matt Eld

Associate Director

Andrew Whittaker

Web Director

Kenyons has 25 years of success upon which to build the next chapter. Our people are a mix of highly creative individuals whose intelligent thinking has helped shaped the success of our clients’ businesses. We’re ‘can do’ people who put the thinking first, then get our sleeves rolled up. Our backgrounds range from London agencies, daily newspaper and national broadcast journalism and marketing through to the most talented creative, video, web and digital experts.



We work with great people. Working with great people in an environment where talent and attitude are highly prized, collaboration encouraged and success rewarded – well things can only keep getting better. If that sounds like you, you want to be part of better and feel you have something to offer, then get in touch.