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Thursday, 14 May 2015, by Davide De Maestri

Kenyon Fraser has worked with clients in the transport sector for many years.  Transport is a sector that is constantly evolving and so the way we communicate must also evolve.

Kenyon Fraser works to create effective campaigns, and brand and marketing strategies, for a range of clients with a variety of objectives. 

A recent example is outlined below:-

Kenyon Fraser has worked with SYPTE on their latest, innovative Inmotion! campaign.

Within this campaign, a variety of schemes are being promoted across South Yorkshire. All stakeholders needed to support the proposed video solution and help to generate exposure to target audiences identified.

Inmotion! wanted a series of six videos - one video to promote each Inmotion! scheme and one overall introductory video.  KF fully endorsed video marketing due to its effectiveness and its ability to get across dry messages in a succinct and engaging way, in a short period of time.  A video has the ability to be broken down into smaller segments; providing a better chance to grab attention, explain the benefits and drive call to action.  When people are browsing the web from the office or on the move, they are able to watch it - anytime and anywhere.

Kenyon Fraser started by looking at previous Inmotion! videos, to get an idea about the aims and approaches they had used.  With the Inmotion! brand strategy and target audience needs in mind, and the design team keen to keep things fresh (see video below), enhanced animation using flat graphics was the preferred choice.  This is because the design team knew they could create the videos to fit exactly what the client needed.  This approach enables the producers to tailor each video narrative to the needs of the client and schemes, and keep the videos relevant to the audiences. 

Through enhanced animation videos and various character creation, KF could create a myriad of stories with the potential to engage with lots of different audiences.  This distinctive approach also gives a chance to communicate plenty of figures, statistics and information without the videos being too overwhelming.  Plus, this style looks attractive visually and has real charm.

The extensive production process was undertaken by various departments at Kenyons, working in close collaboration and with SYPTE (@Inmotion__) and other stakeholders, ensuring the end result was a huge success - impactful, informative, visually attractive, effective and motivating videos for our target audiences.

Six videos were created in total to promote the excellent Inmotion! schemes; providing both variety of message and consistency of style.  All of the videos can be found here, and for more information on the schemes, visit www.inmotion.co.uk.

For now, here's an example...



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